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Blue Tooth Card

Item :

(Blue Tooth Card) Cold laminating technology

Size : Credit card size (the thickness can be customized)
Shielding operation frequency : 13.56Mhz (Optional)
Communication frequency : 2.4GHz
Working time : built-in wireless charging module (cycle use)
Features : Cold laminating packaging process for active smartcard, added chargeable module, intelligent management software and etc.
Structure : Bluetooth module, ICs, rigid PCB or FPC, Li-polymer Battery and etc. 
Type : OEM process
Advantage  : To simplify the purse, payment security,internet data sharing.
Usage : Press the button, to activate the bluetooth, then connect the smartphone or Ipad, can upload or download data, the bluetooth card and APP can be interacted, then monitor the consumption details and make sure the payment safely.