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Electronic Shelf Label


Automated price management

Management data

High bandwidth

HD display

No paper - Pixel-based graphic display

More information for customers

A label that communicates with your smartphone

Better and more customized information


Advantages for retailers


•Increase in sales

•Greater customer loyalty thanks to better and more personal service

•Enhancement of the store’s image

•Electronic payment

•A cost-effective alternative to traditional self-scanning

•Dynamic sales and promotional activities

•Increased productivity

Advantages for brands

•Extension of packaging: Interaction with shoppers

•Management and control of the brand image

•Monitoring of promotional events and of customer interaction

•Possibility of conducting publicity campaigns


Advantages for shoppers


•Detailed product information (special offers, technical data sheets, comparative information, ratings, etc.)

•Nutrition and allergy warnings

•Creation and storage of a shopping list

•Product recommendations and advice (recipes for example)

•Secure payment