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Re-writable Card

Have you thought of using a standard card printer to print, erase and re-write to the same card WITHOUT using a ribbon?

Kaisere's re-writable cards have a heat-sensitive layer which allows text and images to be printed and erased a minimum of 500 times using a standard Re-Write card printer. No ribbon cost. Just use the printer in the same way but without a ribbon. The heat basically triggers a dye within the card that will appear as a solid color. When you have finished with the card, run the card back through the printer and it will wipe the surface ready for re-printing.

Choices of either a Blue or Black Re-Writable surface. You can only print a single color. Under the clear Re-writable layer, we can make pre-printing in full colors.

All Re-writable card should be CR 80 size(credit card size).

Thickness Print color Material Magnetic chip Rewrite area
0.22mm Blue PET 1750oe invisible magnetic layer N/A Full layer on 1 side
0.28mm Blue / Black PET 1750oe invisible magnetic layer N/A Full layer on 1 side
0.76mm Credit Card thickness Blue / Black PVC / PET Option N/A Full layer or partial layer 1 side or 2 sides
0.84mm Blue / Black PVC / PET Option LF, HF, UHF Full layer or partial layer
 Certificate from Mitsubishi and its sole distributor
Applications of Re-Writable Card ENQUIRY
Access control card: Loyalty card, gift card, member card, point card, club card, hotel card, and so on.
ID card: School card, Hospital card, Library card, Schedule management in the shift operation
Loyalty program: Retail, Club, Hotel, Restaurant…
Industrial use: Production control in factory, RFID in logistics, Tag for SCM.