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Electronic Shelf Label

433MHz Active ESL

433MHz Active ESL

433MHz Active electronic shelf label

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Electronic Shelf Label (ESL)

Kaisere bluetooth ESL and 433MHz passive ESL solution provide economic and flexibleoptions for small size to middle size shops and warehouses…

Forlarge-size places such as shopping malls, hypermarket, we have 433MHz ActiveESL solution, which use independent communication protocols and networking technology,hardware encryption and data compression technology to achieve rapid, low cost, efficient system operation

Kaisere433MHz Active ESL solution is composed of:

System Build mode:

1) One or more 433MHz basestations are organized as a network. The quantity of base station depends onthe area; every 300 square meters require one base station, each base stationcan manage hundreds or thousands of E-labels.

a) WIFI network scheme or Cablenetwork scheme.

It suits for places with middleto large size, above 300 square meters or multi floors.

b) Base station and E-labels aretwo-way cryptography.

2) Hundreds or thousands ofE-labels are located all over the places.

3) One or more scanners willcollect the barcodes on the objects and uploaded data to computer serverthrough the transport hub. .