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Flip-chip Teslin® Inlay

Flip-chip Teslin® Inlay


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TESLIN® substrate is a durable, secureand highly printable synthetic paper that excels for laminated print projectsand other applications demanding a tough, high-performance material.

Pre-laminated Teslin inlay is suitable for the productionof ISO card, passport and other ticket / certificate…

It is a semi-finished product and card / ticket manufacturers merely need to directly print on them or collate the printedsheets with the inlay and laminate the “Sandwich”.

Sizes: A4,A3 (customized) …

Layout: 3 x 6, 3 x 14, 2 x 8, 2 x 6…

Thickness: 0.30| 0.35 | 0.52mm (customized)

Material: TESLIN®

Frequency: 13.56MHz| 860~960MHz

RFProtocol: IO14443A| ISO18000-6C,6B

Typicalchips: Temic5577 | Mifare Classic® 1K and so on

Application: card production