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New Ruggedly Durable& Biodegradable Synthetic Paper

New Ruggedly Durable& Biodegradable SyntheticPaper for Certification

New Ruggedly Durable& Biodegradable SyntheticPaper is Combined the functionality of paper and durability of plastic toenables institutions to effectively manage the printing process and cost oftheir certificates, records and other secure documents.

The Visible Advantage of this New SyntheticPaper:

1. EasyPrintability and Can be duplex and dual-surface printed

2. ExceptionalDurability:Resists water,chemicals, abrasion, tearing and extreme temperatures for exceptionaldurability

3. Enhanced Security:

Teslinsubstrate protects printed data against threats of alteration. It absorbs inks,toners and overlays, rendering text and graphics virtually inseparable from thesurface they are printed on. It enables strong mechanical bonds with print andlaminates, and permanently distorts when submitted to mechanical stress, fortamper-evident protection.

4. RFID radio frequency technology:

RFIDradio frequency technology can be added to form intelligent management of allthings connected

5. Adapt to all kinds ofanti-counterfeiting printing to ensure the unique authority of the certificate

6. Luxurious Feel: has an obvious, rich,velvet-like texture.

7. Long range workingtemperature:-70-200.

8. Biodegradable material


Graduationcertification, qualification certification, honor level certification, professionaltitle evaluation certification, contract agreement, authorization certification,collection certification, award certification, and commemorative certification.