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Patient wristband

Patient wristband

Patient wristband

Disposable wristband

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Patient wristband, also known as medicalidentification wristband, is a kind of wristband, mainly used in the medicalfield.

Materials: PVC, DuPont paper, thermal printing paper, etc.

Color: blue, red, black, white, yellow, etc.

Typical chips: TK4100, T5577, F08, NXP Mifare 1k ,NXPMifare 4K EV1 , Alien H3, etc.

Features: Disposable wristband, easy to wear,waterproof, high temperature resistant,etc.

Operating temperature: -40℃~80

Patient wristbands can provide identification information of patient and are widely used in hospitals. The wristband simplifies data input and reduces errors in patient’s dataprocessing. It is able to record the patient’s information automatically, name, gender, bed number, hospitalization number and other medical specialinformation, and what type of care they need and what care they have already received. Therefore, the doctors can always clearly know how to take care of the different patientsfrom the wristbands records. Especially for elderly, kids, severely ill, surgical patients etc. In addition, it is also suitable for the association of mother and newborn baby to avoid taking the baby wrong.

In order to meet the hygienic requirement ofhospital and patient’s privacy , the wristband is designed for one time use.That means once it is taken off, the wristbands will be broken. The tamper-evident feature protects the integrity of the patient identification system.