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Polycarbonate film

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Our Makrofol® IDpolycarbonate films enable the incorporation of a wide range of securityfeatures in ID documents. High contrast laser-engraving can be combined withdifferentiated security features and integrated chips. Several layers areinseparably bonded to offer unsurpassed protection.



SocialSecurity Card


Driver'slicense Card



Key benefits:

1. High heat resistance: maintain good flexibility and elasticity in a large temperature range

2. Transparency: Realize high-quality printing and achieve maximum design freedom.

3. More durable: Wear-resistant, weather-resistant and chemical-resistant.

4. Easy to production: Extremely thin, this Makrofol® ID polycarbonate film for ID cards andpassport data pages means more security features can be embedded while reducingcycle time thanks to a less complex lamination process.

5. Clear window technology: it is an additionalsecurity feature against counterfeiting attempts. Complex windowgeometries can also be realized.

6. superlaserpersonalization technology: provide better protection against forgery andcounterfeiting, faster laser personalization and better contrast at lowercost.

7. Unti-counterfeiting: This can optimize passport and identity cardsecurity by personalization withhigh resolution images via laser engraving technology.

8. with melting behavior and flexibility that is highly suited to protecting integrated chips and antennas.

It is also possible to enjoy the best ofboth worlds by employing the benefits of Makrofol® ID and Platilon® IDtogether. This can optimize passport and identity card security by combiningprinting, embossing, lamination, chip implanting, die cutting, and, not least,personalization with high resolution images via laser engraving technology.

Product’s Specification:

We could supply 0.10- 0.15mm films with roll’s package, and also accept the customized size.