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Windshield label


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In these years, the number of vehicles has increased dramatically, People urgently need to manage the parking lots efficiently and intelligently by high tech methods, to meet the needs of Meetthe needs of vehicles entering and leaving the parking fastly. The intelligent parking system realizes intelligent scientific management of vehicles throughlong-distance passive radio frequency identification technology. Our company R&D a new Windshield RFID tags according to the Windshield characteristics, It is a special fragile label, covered with a waterproof film, which can beprinted. It has the ability to read and store the information of parking lot entrances and exits, access control cars, highway tolls and so on. It cancontrol the loss of expenses, improve operational efficiency, and ensure Vehicle safety.


1. MaterialCoated paper, PET or PVC
2. Size50*50mm,102*76mm or customized
3. PrintingSilk screen printing, rotary printing, offset printing
4. ChipAlien/Higgs3
5. Frequency860~960Mhz
6. StandardISO/IEC 18000-6C, EPC Class1 Gen2
7. Reading Distance1-10m, relates with the antenna, reader and working environment
8. OperationTemperatur-20℃ to 65℃
9. Data retention time10 years
10. Reading/Writing endurance100,000 times

UHF RFID windshield label advantages:

1. Fragile antenna substrate, when tearing off thetags, the anttena will be broken, much More secutiry.

2. easy to install and not easy to tearoff.

3. Waterproof, high temperature resistant,

4. Long reading distance: 1-10 meters, relates with the antenna, reader andworking environment.

5. Blank labels can be printed bythemselves.

6. Support personalized key encoding

Main application:

Vehicle management, such as: vehicle electronic environmental protection information card, electronic tollcollection, self-parking, vehicle traffic jam guidance, vehicle speed violation management, vehicle simple identification, vehicle annual inspection and traceability management, logistics supply chain digital warehousing , Articleanti-counterfeiting and traceability supervision, and so on.