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RFID Label & Tag

Flexible Anti-metal NFC Sticker

Flexible Anti-metal NFC Sticker

Anti-metal Function

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Sizes: Round shape: Dia 20 | 25 | 30 | 35 | 40 | 50mm (Customized).

Square shape: 18*18mm, 25*25mm, 35*35mm, 45*45mm; 30*15mm, 40*25mm, 45*30mm, 50*35mm, 56*18mm, 86*54mm (Customized)

Anti-metal layer thickness:

0.2mm: final thickness 0.40mm(inner sticker); 0.50mm (outer sticker)

0.5mm: final thickness 0.75mm(inner sticker); 0.85mm (outer sticker)

Material: Coatedpaper | PET | PVC

Printing: Offset printing, Silk-screen printing, Rotary printing

Frequency: 13.56MHz

RF Protocol: ISO14443A

Typical chips: NTAG213/215/216,  Mifare Ultralight® C /EV1 (customized)

Memory: 104 / 504 / 888 byte, 1184 / 384 / 1024 bit, etc

Operating range: 1~6CM (depending on chip, reader and working environment)

Data Retention: 10 years

Reading/writing cycles: 100,000 times

Operating temperature: -20~65


-Logistics / Identification, Asset Tracking

-Inventory Management / ePayment / E-ticket

-Aviation luggage tag / Apparel Tag

-Windshield Tag / Libaray Label

-Industrial and Commercial item label