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RFID in Hospitals

In recent years, RFID technology has been more and more widely developed in medical treatment, the most common products are RFID medical treatment cards, RFID wristband tags, RFID tags, and RFID temperature tags. Today we will talk about several different applications of these productsin hospitals.

Medical card

In hospital the patient apply the medical card, which records the patient's all the information. this card can be used to carry out various examinations, get medicine, pay money and dispose, which saves a lot of time and labor cost. At the same time, it also record thepatient's diagnostic information, so the doctor can know the patient's previous medical records quickly during the diagnosis, ensuring a faster and more accurate diagnosis.

RFID wristband tags

RFID wristband tags are mainly used for hospitalized patients’ medicalmonitoring and the management of maternal and child.

1. Medical monitoring: when patients receive the treatment who wear the wristband tags, Medical staffs could scan the RFID tags by handle reader to know all the patients’ information and then proceed to the next step of treatment, because the RFID technology provides a reliable, efficient and economic information storage and inspection method, so the rescue of emergency patients in hospitals will not be delayed,let alone the occurrence of medical errors caused by misidentification of the injured.

2. Management of maternal and child: two non-transferable RFID wristband tags should be worn by the mother and the babyin the Maternity ward immediately after birth. The information on the label should be the same, including the mother's full name and identification number, the sex of the baby, the dateand time of birth and any other information that the hospital can clearly match the birth of the mother and child. RFID devices can alarm when someone tries to steal a newborn out of the hospital.

RFID tags

RFID tags are mainly used in hospital drugs, surgical tools, disposable items, detection equipment and washing and elimination drugs’ inventory, tracking and anti-counterfeiting.

1. Inventory: The supply of medicines in hospitals is increasing day by day. It is necessary to ensure sufficient quantity of medicines, disposable products and medical devices, so the nventory of these products are very important. RFID tags save much time to count the drugs, ensuring accurate data and the correct type and quantity of drugs. the RFID tags in each bottle or box or on each box can be read by a handle reader,and a fixed reader and shelf antenna.

2. Tracking: These surgical tools must be disinfected and clean every day, such as knives, scissors, clip and retractor, many hospitals are using RFID tags to track surgical instruments and other goods, in order to save time by eliminating manual count, to ensure that every item is properly sterilization to reduce the risk of infection, and better manage inventory.

3. Anti-counterfeiting: Some hospitals and drug manufacturers also use RFID tags for authentication, which is achieved by placing RFID tags on or inside medicine bottles or boxes and encrypting specific information, and they also use the tamper proof RFID tags to to ensure quality.

RFID Temperature Tags:

This RFID temperature label is mainly consists of UHF antenna, HF antenna, RFID chip with built-in temperature sensor and paper battery (the battery canbe added according to customer requirements). The seller shall set up the starting time, temperature measurement time interval and high and low temperature alarm, and then stick this label on the package. The chip in thelabel will automatically measure the temperature in accordance with the program people set in the chip. When hospital receive the goods, they could read and save the data by the card reader, handle device and NFC mobile phone.

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